Common Challenges in Managing Data When Turning to the Cloud

As businesses grow and technology advances, it is inevitable you will need to consider more efficient ways to manage your data. This could be in the form of additional on-premise servers, but could also be where you take the leap into cloud data management.

Here we will talk about a few common challenges you may face when turning to cloud computing and ways in which you can overcome them.

Possible Incompatibility

When changing over from the system you have always used to a new cloud-computing platform, there is the possibility of code changes in order for you to work in the new system. For some, this may not be too much of an issue, but for those businesses looking to transfer with as little downtime as possible, this could be a hurdle.

As you are looking through your options, it would be in your best interest to find a cloud platform that requires little to no changes in your code. This can ensure a smooth transfer and won’t require your staff to learn a new form of code.

Financial Costs

We all know nothing is free, but when you are talking about moving your entire business’ data from one platform to another, the cost can appear daunting and disheartening. However, cloud computing is something you will stick with in the future, so you should be looking at this transfer as an investment. The end result in switching to the cloud will end up with you effectively reducing funds spent, as well as providing a more efficient platform for your team.

Although the upfront cost in switching to the cloud is there, the long term costs will greatly benefit you and your business. The wonderful thing about the cloud is the infinite space available for your data. Whereas, when working on an on-premise platform, as your business grows, you will need to purchase additional servers, and you also need to consider how often your hardware will become outdated and needs to be replaced or upgraded.

Resistance to Change

If there is one thing most of us can agree on or have witnessed before, it’s that no one likes change. When things change, what’s next is unknown. Your team has their rhythm, and throwing in a change this permanent can come with some resistance. The important thing to remember is that once in place, your team will be able to work more efficiently and effectively.

There may be a slight learning curve, but if you take note of number one challenge on this list, that change should go smoothly for you and your business. Nothing is perfect, but it can be way better. And with transferring to a solid cloud-computing platform, you will be able to experience a better work day and better work flow.


The team at Code Willing knows the struggle and created the solution for a simpler way to migrate to the cloud. Taking into account these challenges, we have built our own cloud-based file system and cloud workspace so that our clients can more efficiently conduct their business. 

Called CASFS+, not only has this migration been positive for our clients, we are also confident that our product will benefit businesses all across the board. Are you weighing your options with cloud computing? Click here to learn more about what CASFS+ can do in getting your business on the right cloud migration path.


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