Data Solutions for Quants in Finance

We are Code Willing, the Experts in Quantitative Trading Tools, and we make it easier for financial firms to extract and analyze data in order to make informed business decisions. We utilize industry leading technology to ensure that data is captured and made available on demand.

Code Willing was founded in 2014 and provides services for businesses in the financial industry for gathering, processing and storing details of financial activity in a stable and consistent manner. These services include: IT infrastructure, data management software and full development support. Hedge funds no longer have to exhaust resources on IT and can concentrate on their core business.

We have built an entire infrastructure that can be utilized by hedge funds in place of a full-equipped IT division. This grand infrastructure acts as the basis for all of the applications and data processes to run efficiently and deliver successful results 100% of the time helping businesses who have struggled to keep up with always-evolving technology and its costs. Our software saves companies computing processing time, network bandwidth and storage space.

Code Willing’s software is versatile, all of which can be run on-prem (for Linux users only) or in AWS. We are also currently working to support other cloud providers (Google, Azure, Digital Ocean, etc.) allowing for a wide-range of customizing options for hedge funds to consider when going with our platform. One example of this is that firms can add their own processing steps at any point in the system.

Code Willing has a team of talented developers who have extensive experience in setting up and managing data solutions for numerous industries. They support clients through every stage of their IT life-cycle. Our developers will work with you to make sure that our software is properly configured to your system and meets your needs.

Code Willing saves you time, money and effort that would go into researching, analyzing and building your own tools and infrastructure. Our pricing is competitive with other data software providers. There are no up-front costs or long-term commitments. What you get from us is the highest value for the lowest possible cost.

Now is a great time  for start-up hedge funds or any company looking to get started in quantitative trading or to modernize their data structure. The Code Willing team helps identify and meet business and IT requirements, define a cloud road-map and help with the shift to the cloud so that companies’ IT teams do not need to worry about managing complex hardware and software infrastructure. Code Willing is the cloud data management solution for you. You can read more about what we have to offer here.

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