Feed Handlers for Capturing Market Data

Code Willing provides market data feed handlers for a large, growing variety of global markets in North America, the Asia/Pacific region, and Europe. There are currently 35 feed handlers available with more under development. We deliver high-performance handlers with low latency, optionally integrating the entire Code Willing Suite.

We provide powerful, minimal-latency tools to process normalized market data. You will be able to access historical market data, as well as real-time streaming market data. This is beneficial for electronic traders and analysts looking to backtest strategies with accurate market data.

Features include:

  • high performance with low latency
  • homogenous access to real-time and historical data
  • global market coverage and custom configurations

We know that traders need everything to be instantaneous and that needs to be done with as little processing time as possible. Our feed handlers are optimized to process large volumes of messages with minimal delay. This gives you the ability to parse live data streams from a variety of global markets at high speeds with a reduced hardware footprint and low latency.

You will have the ability to analyze real-time data, as well as historical data backed by Content Addressable Storage (CAS) from Code Willing. CAS is a flexible storage service with customizable role-based access control and support for both local and cloud-based (via Amazon Web Services) underlying storage. With CAS you will have the ability to re-use that data in all applications of the Code Willing Suite.

We support a wide variety of global markets, specifically from the North America, Asia/Pacific and European Union regions. This includes coverage for all of the major exchanges including ICE, NASDAQ, NYSE and many more. We are constantly working on adding support for more feeds. Our software can be extended to cover new markets upon demand. We will notify you with any upcoming updates from exchanges and provide feeder updates. You will have access to everything you need. See a list of the current supported feeds here.

Our feed handlers are provided as ready-to-run applications or as a set of C++ libraries. If necessary, we can work with you to integrate the Code Willing Suite with your existing setup. This way you can streamline using the best fintech software in the industry.

Using Market Data Feed Handlers from Code Willing saves you time, money and effort that would go into researching, analyzing and building your own tools and infrastructure. Our pricing is competitive with other market data feed software providers. There are no up-front costs or long-term commitments. What you get from Code Willing is the highest value for the lowest possible cost.

This is a great opportunity for start-up hedge funds, or any company looking to get started in quantitative trading, that need normalized market data with low latency. Let Code Willing handle your data infrastructure while you focus on the core of your business.

You can read more about our Market Data Feed Handlers here.

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