A Fully Managed Cloud File System Solution

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Innovating The Cloud

Getting the most out of the public cloud can be a challenge. Using the Cloud Platform tool sets we provide, you can run the same applications in the cloud that are currently running on-prem. With CASFS+, you can do all of this without having to worry about any code changes. Just think of it as simple as Lift and Shift.

CASFS+ is a cloud platform file system and cloud resource manager offering numerous features designed to run your jobs quickly and efficiently.

Plug And Play

When using CASFS+, you simply run your existing on-prem code on the public cloud and receive all the power and benefits of the public cloud. No changes are needed.

High-Performance, Posix-Compliant File System

CASFS+ is capable of spanning across hundreds of machines, managing billions of files, petabytes of data, and delivering the full aggregate bandwidth of managed object stores, such as AWS S3.

API Access

A simple API allows you to leverage all the power of CASFS+ programmatically. This gives you full control over your cloud-computing environment.

Designed for Sharing

We provide a whole set of team management tools for controlling access, budgets, and capabilities. We put you in charge of how your team leverages the public cloud.

Simple to Use

All you need is a browser using Jupyter, VSCode, or a similar program to get started.

The Fully-Managed Solution includes:

Our Cloud Consulting Services are available to our Fully-Managed Solution Clients


This case study gives examples of how CASFS+ assisted one of our clients in achieving their cloud computing goals.

The client, a global industry-leading data science and quantitative research hedge fund, intended to store 245 TB of data in AWS. By using smart content hashing, our file system was able to identify multiple copies of the same file so that only 197 TB of storage was needed. This created 21% in storage savings.

The client had concerns about the difficulty, expense, and downtime of migrating their users from their private data center to the cloud. Without training, the client was able to migrate all of their necessary users to the cloud. This allowed them to run the same applications they were running on-prem.

The client’s management was fearful their users would rack up big AWS bills after the migration. With CASFS+, the client has the ability to create cloud budgets for each team and user. Clients are notified when those budget limits are approached. Management has the option to prevent their users from spinning up servers if their budget is surpassed.

The client’s management wanted the ability to limit access of specific files to specific users. In addition, they wanted the users without access to those particular files to be unaware of those files in a directory. Now with CASFS+, the client is able to control user access down to the file level. Users only see the files they have access to in their directories. Also, managers have access to a real-time audit log to see who is using what.

CASFS+ allows the client’s high-powered users to complete jobs much quicker and efficiently with the cloud’s horizontal scaling through our HPC job/queue-based autoscaler.

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