Accelerate your data edge with integrated research and simulation tools.

Suite of interactive computing tools that provides users the capability to execute code, render plots, and explore datasets interactively through the user’s web browser.



Models for data analysis and ML Toolkits integrations



Data Access tools & APIs & Best practice examples



Visualization tools such as Jupyter Labs


Backtesting & Simulation

Simulation library in development

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Use Case

The Problem

A PM from a small quant hedge fund needed a solution to run data evaluations of data products that he may be looking to acquire. The objective was to do a “first pass” analysis of data that he had a trial license for data evaluation. Not wanting to spend money on internal or cloud compute resources, they were using tools from their prime-broker which did not achieve the funds objectives or desired outcome in a timely manner.

The Challenge

Tools to run a first pass data evaluation are a great way to run initial regressions, market correlations and even simulations. Small, mid-size and even large firms require first pass capabilities to control compute costs in order to efficiently and systematically test or evaluate data.

The Solution

Code Willing's CWIQ Bench product provides a suite of tools to evaluate data products at the web-browser level. From Jupyter Lite to Visual Studio Code and others, Bench provides the tools and data evaluation simulations to provide users the necessary first pass validation for data to move to the next evaluation phases requiring more compute intensive resources for back testing.

The Result

The PM not only saved on compute budget, but now has set up a systematic process on CWIQ Bench to do first pass data evaluations. The implementation of Explorer into the firm's systematic process has more than doubled the number of data products the firm can evaluate in any given month.

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