A new level of data management, compute utilization and compliance.

Complete User Management and Compliance solution. Manage permissions, budget and see data usage for individual users, teams and the larger firm. Insights and metrics will provide budgetary, compliance and management insights to further streamline processes and optimize the data and compute budget.



Experience with 150+ Data Product & Global Exchange Feeds (List available once Mutual NDA executed)



Client identifies and provides CW “Partner/Affiliate” access to licensed data for Code Willing to build and maintain your Security Master and Historical Exchange Data



Including confirmation of point-in-time data delivery and data quality assurance


Meta Data

User created data, Web Scraped, API, FTP/SFTP and other user requested data can be SIDIFY’d

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Use Case

The Problem

The Head of Data Strategy at a hedge fund was asked to increase the number of “New Data Evaluations” and reduce the amount of time that the team spends on each data evaluation. The president of the firm wondered why they were spending 6 months on an evaluation only to find out that the data would not even work for their strategies. “We need more data in this ever-changing market and I don’t understand why it is taking so long to clean and map the data to our security master in order to do a first pass evaluation”.

The Challenge

Many firms face the same problem, spending between 50% to 80% of their data scientist’s time collecting and preparing data that can be explored for actionable insights.

The Solution

Code Willing’s CWIQ Code product has experience with hundreds of data products to provide daily SIDIFY’d data delivery to client licensed global market data, traditional data, and alternative data with point-in-time accuracy for client evaluation.

The Result

In licensing the CWIQ Code product, the hedge fund doubled the number of data products that were evaluated, significantly reduced the evaluation time of a data product to less than 30 days, and discovered 30% more new data products on an annual basis, directly impacting the fund’s overall performance in the first year.

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