Maximize your compute resources.

No “Code Change” tool gives users the ability to run research or simulations on any type of computing cluster with cost control. This innovative technology utilizes multiple computer servers, simple job or analysis, with a single server. Works directly with CWIQ FS storage system to store any data from time series to simple documents.


A Variety of Data

CW Data Mart includes SIDIFY’d data making it easy to discover, evaluate, and purchase data (Exchange/Fundamental/ALT Data)


More to Discover

Discover new datasets and all documentation, research notes, and information needed by data analysts to evaluate data


New Perspective

Three different views of the data for research & simulation, timestamped, PIT raw data, and ID mapped and normalized


Scalable, Searchable, Secure

Flexible to include your data or a hybrid of mapped data that includes licensed and evaluation data on your cloud or on-prem infrastructure

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Use Case

The Problem

The Director of Research from a large bank came to Code Willing frustrated with existing data Market-Places/Stores. Stating “While there are many data products to discover on these data stores, in many cases these data products are NOT ready to be tested by my data research teams”.

The Challenge

The amount of new data available is growing exponentially and in many cases is unstructured with a poor data quality rating and must be cleaned and mapped for testing which is the biggest barrier to efficient data discovery and evaluation.

The Solution

The data products in the CWIQ Data Store are ALL mapped for ease of testing and evaluation for our clients. Data can be delivered “Raw”, “Normalized” or “CWIQ Coded” for testing in all scenarios. Clients have the option to engage Code Willing to build their own internal private Data Store upon request, including their own data or content derived from licensed data products.

The Result

In using the CWIQ Data Store the director of research identified several data products to support, and more importantly, expand their existing client base. They are now in the process of engaging Code Willing to build their own internal private data store for internal users with plans to potentially offer access to their company branded Data Store to their external clients in the future.

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