List of Whitepapers

CASFS + TimescaleDB Upload Speed Research

Date Created: 04/26/2021 Author: Code Willing CDS Team

CASFS Audit Log Research

Date Created: 05/04/2021 Author: Code Willing CDS Team

Airflow DAG with CASFS+

Date Created: 05/04/2021 Author: Cody Bordelon & Taylor Rotolo

Prediction of AWS Expenses with Machine Learning

Date Created: 05/18/2021 Author: Dalton Hall

Using PySpark on CASFS

Date Created: 05/28/2021 Author: Dalton Hall

Benchmarking Python DataFrame Libraries on CASFS

Date Created: 07/01/2021 Author: Dalton Hall

Using CASFS with different storage backends

Date Created: 09/15/2021 Author: Arian Shahmirza

Benchmarking EC2 Instances on CASFS+

Date Created: 09/24/2021 Author: Dalton Hall